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Our Story

Our story begins like those of many other tech startups: our founder, Tanner McGraw, became frustrated with the lack of technology available in his industry and decided to do something about it. He was a commercial real estate broker for about a decade, made his own product during the Great Recession, received positive feedback from his team and peers, got VC funding, and invested in building out the product and company of his dreams.

So yes, we were built by and for brokers.

But what sets us apart, despite growing a sizable amount in a short period of time, is our deep commitment to the broker community. We still live our foundational principle: “created by and for brokers.”

But what sets us apart, despite growing a sizable amount in a short period of time, is our deep commitment to the broker community. We still live our foundational principle: “created by and for brokers.” Spending time with brokers, whether customers or not, is built into the processes and workflow of each department. We have varied and thorough channels to make sure we’re getting broker feedback in real time. Our product team in particular is dedicated to traveling around the country to spend time with brokers in their offices to get a real feel for their day-to-day.

We’re well beyond our humble CRM beginnings, but we’re still completely focused on our original mission—building tools brokers love.


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Our Senior Leadership Team


Tanner McGraw


Tanner founded Apto after experiencing frustration with the lack of specialized technology available to commercial real estate brokers. Before Apto, he served as VP of Healthcare Advisory Services at Transwestern and as a Senior Associate at Marcus & Millichap.

Chris Kampfe - Headshot

Chris Kampfe

VP of Marketing

Chris joins Apto with over a decade of experience as a marketing executive working in high growth environments. Prior to Apto, he worked with exceptional marketing teams at GoSpotCheck, AdVision, PaySimple, and other leading Colorado-based technology companies.


Josh Lin

Chief Operating Officer

Josh has over a decade of experience in operational roles, ranging across Fortune 500 to early-stage SaaS start-ups. He spent time in venture capital, investing in B2B software companies, and previously held roles within IBM's Merger & Acquisition Integration team.

Josh Haas LinkedIn headshot

Josh Haas

Director of Product

Josh is a serial product enthusiast with deep SaaS product management and delivery experience. Prior to Apto he served in various product roles at Welltok and Relativity, where he helped take the company from 15K active users to over 160K in three years.


Andrew Galewsky

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew has over 20 years of experience as a technology executive. Before joining Apto in 2018, he served as the VP of Engineering at NEON Enterprise Software. He also co-founded Clinical Resource Systems and was the Chief Technology Officer at LzLabs GmbH.


Sylvia Jurcic

Financial Controller

Sylvia is a goal-driven and result-oriented professional accountant with over 12 years working experience most recently in SaaS industry in Denver. Prior to Apto, she worked in various industries including oil and gas, construction, bank and education.

Our mission is to cultivate the largest and most engaged CRE community in the world by building tools brokers love.

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